7″ Chrome LED (LHD) Headlamp With Integral Indicator And DRL (S7198LED)


The New Wipac 7″ LED Headlamp with Integral Indicator and DRL fits all 7” headlamp bowls and applications, easily fitted and is a direct replacement for the existing 7” round headlamp and fits in the existing Headlamp Bowls with no modifications needed.

The Headlamp is available in Chrome and Black finish and also available in LHD and RHD applications. The headlamp is fully E Marked, DOT marked and also SAE marked too and fully road legal. Within the box will be two in-line resistors to allow the LED indicators to flash at the correct rate if the designated vehicle isn’t fitted with a compatible LED Flasher Relay.

Light Output Specifications

Low beam – 450LM

High beam – 1280LM

Indicator – 195LM

DRL – 215LM


Driver currents 2nd gen headlamp


Indicator – 0.582A/7.8W,

DRL – 0.51A/6.8W

Low beam – 0.677A/9.2W

High beam – 1.876A/24.5W

Listed below are our other available 2nd Gen LED Headlamps.

Part Number – S7196LED – Chrome Led Headlamp with DRL/Indicator UK

Part Number – S7197LED – Black Led Headlamp with DRL/Indicator UK

Part Number – S7199LED – Black Led Headlamp with DRL/Indicator EURO